Friday, 8 March 2013

My photos (2011)

Evening guys!I did mention that I want to share my pictures right??Now here there are.Those pictures were taken in the year 2011 (I was 15 years old at that time).And no worry kayy?I will upload year-by-year of my photos.

Yeah guys!I'm the one the 'eat' the spoon.
And behind me is my best friend.Emily.

 This is when I'm participating cooking competition.
We won the second place!
I use different uniform cause Imma prefect!

Chiaw Bing and Me!She helps me a lot.
Especially in studies!

Ok!This is the most important parts.I will show you guys all my best friends!From different ethnics and religion!

I'm not in the picture kayy cause I'm capturing it.
All ethnics are here.
We're really 1 Malaysia!

From left(stand) : Veha - Indian + Bidayuh
              Falin - Iban
                              Phoon - Chinese+Iban
                    Joyce - Chinese
                       Francis - Bidayuh
                  Chin - Chinese
                             Emily - Chinese+Iban

From left(squat) : Jossica - Iban
                                      Chiaw Bing - Chinese
                                           Hellina - Iban + Chinese
                                          Josefina - Indian + Iban
                             Me - Javanese

I guess all of you
know their name right?

Really feel thankful to have lots of friends by my side.
We did need a friend in our life,isn't?

This is what I call
'One Malaysia!'

No matter what religion or ethnics, WE ARE STILL ONE!And will always be!

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