Saturday, 16 March 2013

Secret Of Your Animal Selection


You're a very loyal and sweet person.Your loyalty can't be denied.Your sincerity and your honesty is your strength,even in your career,you can be trusted.You're a moderate person and often humble.You're not the person that like to create problem and you love a peaceful environment.This quality that make your friends like to be on your side.Your taste in fashion is quite good and you're easy to feel ashamed and sad if your wardrobe is not completed with the newest fashion trend.Even though you doesn't have a lot of friends but the friends with you now did have a good quality.


You're really full of trick!However,that attitude that makes you look smart and makes your face cute and easy to attract people's attention.A lot of people like to be your friend because your attitude brings joy to them.You're always being invited to crowd the party and many of them like your presence,but you are too sensitive and that's what make the people to be careful when talking to you.If there's somebody dare to use harsh words,they really bring you anger to the maximum.You need to control your emotion because friends are also human that never stops from making mistakes.


You're a loving person.You're being love too but sometimes you're shy.You love a peaceful and quiet environment.In your life,you love to learn new things and always do something in earnest.In the normal situation,you do look cool but when you being challenged,immediately you'll rampage.You're good in styling too.People around you always consider you as an idol on fashion.You're good in socialize but you're just talking to people that you know.You're so careful in choosing your friends.


You're close to perfection and kindness.Your goodness will always be memorized.You love peace.If your friends hurt your feelings,you're just ignoring them.Because of this,your friends love you so much.You also do not like to talk bad and people around you love the way you treated them.You always give love and never ask for reply.Generosity is your attitude and you see your life as a practical training.


You are a symbol to the attitude that always merry.Everything that you've done,you will be enjoyed.Your friends feel pleased for your presence.You're the leader in a group,smart when persuading and love to entertain people that are depressed.You hate hypocrite and you'll reject people with this kind of attitude.In your career,you're well-organized and systematic.However,beware!You're easy to fall in love.


No patience and too active!You want everything to be done quickly.However,you're a moderate person and love when everyone giving their attention to you.You're smart in handling problem and doesn't want to get into any controversy.In every steps and every decision,you will think first before doing anything.You've a very strong instinct and that always saves you.You're good in earning money and organize your finance.

Credit to (Malaysia's Number 1 Newspaper).I use my own words to translate Malay --> English.Sorry if my English are bad.Do fix it.The contents of what I wrote and what 
was stated in the newspaper is almost the same.

P/S : Mine is cat.Hee!By the way,enjoy!This is just for fun. :)

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