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SPM Biology 2013 - Tips and Predictions Paper 1

SPM Biology 2013 :
Tips And Predictions For Paper 1 (4551/1), Paper 2 (4551/2), Paper 3 (4551/3).

Do take notes to the important topics that are being target.This is a reference for students to revise Biology papers.I had this prediction from my tuition teacher.I'm also a SPM candidate this year,so I want to share some information that I know all this while.Together I hope,we get good result for our SPM.Make them proud,OUR PARENTS!

In Paper 1,there are fifty questions.Students need to choose one correct answer for each question from the four options.The total marks is 50.All the questions are evenly distributed,so there are no chances for you to skip any chapter.So work hard on these important chapters.

  Form 4 Chapter 2 - Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
  Form 4 Chapter 3 - Movement of Substances Across The Plasma Membrane
  Form 4 Chapter 6 - Nutrition
  Form 5 Chapter 10 - Transport
  Form 5 Chapter 12 - Coordinates and Responses
  Form 5 Chapter 13 - Reproduction and Growth
  Form 5 Chapter 14 - Inheritance

Not so important topic with average 2 questions every year :
  Form 4 Chapter 5 - Cell Division
  Form 4 Chapter 7 - Respiration
  Form 5 Chapter 11 - Support and Locomotion
  Form 5 Chapter 15 - Variation

Totally not important : 
  Form 4 Chapter 1 - Introduction To Biology (0 questions every year)

To be continue next post on tips and predictions for SPM Biology 2013 Paper 2...
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Winniε said...

which tuition centre do you come from? by the way thanks for the tips hope to see more soon. :) xx

Izah Afiqah said...

Flora Indah Tuition Centre..And it's located at Kuching.Well if you're from Kuching,you can tuition here.Anyway thanks for reading.I will continue writing for the paper 2.Keep reading up!:D

Prabageran Thiagarayah said...

good job and thanks dear

Izah Afiqah said...

thank yo too. :)

Winniε said...

just saw your comment, terima kasih!

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