Friday, 19 April 2013

Way To Know Your Phone Is Genuine Or Not

I believe that everyone have already seen lots of phone being sold in the market.But did you guys know that maybe your phone is genuine or not?So how to know/check whether your phone is genuine or not?If you want to know more,do proceed your reading kayy...

Follow step by step yaa!

1) Type *#06#

2)Something will pop out and stated there IMEI number (International Mobile Equipment Identity)

3)Don't be clueless!I know,there's lot of numbers stated there right?Count from left to the right,one by one,until you count the 7th and 8th number.Just take 7th and 8th number only kayy!Now you can check whether it is genuine or not.If you still not understand,see this example *sorry I'm not really good in explaining* :

Example : 358671017470473
The 7th and 8th number from above's example is : ******01*******

This is the code number (the 7th and 8th number) that you guys check from your phone just now.

02 or 20 : from China = LOW QUALITY
08 or 80: from Germany = FAIR QUALITY
01 or 10: from Finland = VERY GOOD
00 or 03 or 04: from the original phone's factory = BEST MOBILE QUALITY

 So what you waiting for??Now go and check it!


Tieyka Irkasya said...

thanks for the information :D
it's useful !

Izah Afiqah said...

Thank you for reading too! :D

Tieyka Irkasya said...

hehe . my pleasure :D

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