Saturday, 4 May 2013

Prediction For SPM Biology Paper 3 2013

Paper 3 
I got this prediction from my tuition teacher.So I want to share it with everyone so that we can pass our Biology's paper with flying colour.
This question paper consists of two questions: Question 1 and Question 2.Students are required to answer all questions.Students also advised to spend 45 minutes to answer Question 1 and 45 minutes for Question 2.(Total marks=50)

* This year very hot topic

 *Form 4 Chapter 3 - Movement of Substances Across the Plasma Membrane
 Form 4 Chapter 4 - Chemical Composition of the Cell
 *Form 4 Chapter 6 - Nutrition
 Form 4 Chapter 7 - Respiration
 *Form 4 Chapter 8 - Dynamic Ecosystem

*Click here to see the prediction for Paper 1*
*Click here to see the prediction for Paper 2*
*Highlights the words then click Ctrl+C at the hightlighted words to copy the topics*

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