Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Prediction for SPM Biology 2013 - PAPER 2

This prediction I got from my tuition teacher.So make use the opportunity that I shared to everyone!
There are hot topics for SPM 2013 Paper 2.In this question paper consists of two sections ( Section A and Section B). In Section A, there are 5 questions (Question 1-5) and students needed to answer all questions.
On the other hands, students need to answer any two questions from (Question 6-9) from Section B.Students are advised to spend 90 minutes to answer all questions in Section A and 60 minutes for Section B.The total marks are 100.

* - This year very hot topic

Section A - Structure
Important Topic :
  *Form 4 Chapter 4 - Chemical Composition of the cell
  Form 4 Chapter 6 - Nutrition
  *Form 4 Chapter 7 - Respiration
  *Form 4 Chapter 5 - Cell Division
  Form 4 Chapter 8 - Dynamic Ecosystem
  Form 5 Chapter 5 - Inheritance

Not so important topic :
 Form 4 Chapter 2 - Cell Structure and Cell Organisation
 Form 5 Chapter 2 - Support and Locomotion
 Form 5 Chapter 3 - Coordination and Response

Section B - Essay

 *Form 4 Chapter 9 - Endangered Ecosystem
 *Form 5 Chapter 1 - Transport
 *Form 5 Chapter 3 - Coordination and Response
 Form 5 Chapter 4 - Reproduction and Growth

*To see the prediction for Biology Paper 1 2013,click here*
*Highlights the words then click Ctrl+C at the hightlighted words to copy the topics*


Pearle said...

Thanks for the good sharing.

pretesh sudhakaran said...

what is this analysis based on? it seems legit but i dont wana spend most of my time focusing on something and later for spm,something else comes out....but thanks least in narrows down the options

Izah Afiqah said...

Brother,that is why it is called prediction.I got all those stuff from my bio teacher.We can just hope for the best.Hope that all of us will get a good result.:)

AndexluvA said...

Thanks for ur tips. i think it might be very useful.>.<

Mira James said...

thanks a lot..but may i ask you some useful tips to study biology effectively? there are soooo many fact to memorize..uuuhhhh..

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