Friday, 12 July 2013

Stress??Should I??

Assalamualaikum guys and salam Ramadhan.Alhamdulillah there were no obstacles while fasting this year.I knew that it been so long I had not update my newest status.I'm so sorry because these few months I'm busy with all my tuition class including my Add math. assignment but alhamdulillah I had finished it.So now what I just had to think about the coming SPM.

Honestly I want to say that this year is my stressful year.I did not get enough rest and everyday there must be extra class in my school.That is just extra class!Not include my tuition class!I only can rest on Tuesday and Sunday!

Mon - Physics
Wed - Chemist
Thu - Add Math
Fri - Bio (Noon) , Malay subject (Night)
Sat - Chemist(school) & Bio

Pheeww!!Yes.I attended two Biology class.And both of them are good.I had lot of tips on that.InsyaAllah I will type it and share to everyone.Knowledge is to be shared and not be keep by yourself.So that's it.Just want to inform you guys that I will post about How To Answer Paper 3.And I realised that its not that hard actually.With the right technique and the right ways of answering,everything just gonna be fun!

p/s : I will try to update on chemistry too.Some tips that I earned when SPM marking teacher came to our school and give some talk on it.And by the way,just relaxed and keep on positive thinking!If you failed today,it does not mean that you will forever fell.

Oh yeah!Any question regarding everything that I wrote or you want to ask something,just add me in WeChat.This is my ID : Izah_Afiqah96.Try to use nowadays technology as ways to improve your knowledge.
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