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Sensational TV Show

Hello,hello guys!Yeah..I know that I had left my blog abandoned for about 2 weeks.Well you can't blame me as I was busy with my tuition classes and homework.So now I want to take this opportunity to post about my favourite reality show and it was first in Asia!!

This is it!The reality show that I'm talking about!Maybe some of you did watch it.It's an awesome show isn't it?I know there must be some people says that this show is boring.Of course it is boring for you,as you did not WATCH IT FROM THE FIRST EPISODE! *Pheww!Sorry!Kinda emotional here when they insulted my favourite show.*

Yesterday was the final episode of The Apprentice Asia.And I love the ending very much!Because the contestant that I aimed,he won!!Aaaaaaa!Yesss!!Ok guys,without wasting anymore time,let me introduce each of every contestants in The Apprentice Asia.And I will tell you one by one who was the first that were fired and which contestant that I supported.


Yeah.I know that they were hot and charismatic!So from here,I will arrange from the first that were fired until the winner of this first season.Here is their wicked quote too.

1) Hendy (Indonesia) : There are many formulas to success, but nothing will happen unless you take action.
2) Hanzo (Malaysia) : Money is my No. 1 value in life. No money no talk rings loud. Everything I do is for money and what money can do for me and my family.
3) Dussadee (Thailand) : My diverse background and experiences that I bring to the show will help me win. I’m surrounded by all types of people; I’m good at dealing with them and I’m good at organizing and planning.
4) Ningku (India) : People rarely intimidate me. Situations do.
5) Nik (Malaysia) : I’ve always been the organizer – be it an event, a party, assignment or even a simple outing, as I possess strong leadership skills.
6) Nash (Malaysia) : I like to win, actually I love winning. If I ever enter anything, I only want to be the best.
7) Celina (Philippine) : I’m a sore loser but I enjoy a good challenge. I pout and even get angry with myself. I grew up being used to winning, and getting what I want.
8) Dian (Indonesia) : I only dream about meeting successful people. If I am given the opportunity to work within an organization as well-oiled as Tony Fernandes’ team, I will cherish that.
9) Sam (India) : I believe a great leader is also a great follower but not vice versa.
10) Alexis (China) : I get promoted fast in every company I worked in. That speaks better than any award.
11) Andrea (Singapore) : I take a task more seriously when I realize there is a competitive element. I always examine what edge the winner had over me and make a mental note for the future.
12) Jonathan (Philippine) I am an extremely driven and passionate person. I always set my eyes on the prize, and as people would describe me - what Nate wants, Nate gets.

Yayy!!My prediction was right!I knew that Jonathan will win when only left him and Andrea.But I was sad too cause I'm expecting the Malaysian contestants at least could be the final four but no.Only Alexis,Sam,Jonathan and Andrea were left.At first I expected Alexis could defeat two of them but Tony burst my happiness when firing Alexis and Sam!Yeah I like Sam too.He may looks 'weak' but his idea was brilliant.He's a really humble man.

Want to know who is the host and the advisor?Check this out!

1) The Host : Tan Sri Dr. Tony FernandesGroup Chief Executive Officer)
2) The Advisor I : Mark Lankester (Group Chief Executive Officer, Tune Hotels)
3) The Advisor II : Kathleen TanChief Executive Officer of Expedia Asia)

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