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Beautiful Places To Visit : Pahang, Malaysia

Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia,occupying the huge Pahang River river basin. It is bordered to the north by Kelantan, to the west by Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan, to the south by Johor and to the east by Terengganu and by the South China Sea. Its state capital is Kuantan, and the royal town is Pekan. Other important towns include Jerantut, Kuala Lipis, Rompin, Temerloh and the hill resorts of Genting Highlands, Cameron Highlands, Fraser's Hill and Bukit Tinggi. The Arabic honorific of Pahang is Darul Makmur ("Abode of Tranquility").Geographically diverse, Pahang ranges from mountainous country in its west to its beautiful and one of the longest coastline in the east Peninsula Malaysia. It adjoins the South China Sea for a distance of 208 kilometers.

1) Cameron Highlands,Pahang

Cameron Highlands is the smallest district in the state of Pahang which is located in the north-western corner of the state. One of the wonders of Malaysia, it is the largest and most famous hill resort in the country. This highland paradise still retains much of the charm of an English village. 
Being a primarily agricultural domain, you will find an abundance of vegetables and fruits farms here. Cameron Highlands is also the leading producer of flowers and tea in Malaysia. Be prepared for a lovely sight of extraordinary flowers you won’t see flourishing elsewhere in Malaysia! Located on the Titiwangsa Range at about 1500 metres above sea-level, the temperature here can drop to 16 ˚C or lower at certain times.

Cameron Highlands is made up of 4 main townships followed by smaller settlements at different elevations. The first town from the south is Ringlet, followed by Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Kea Farm, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja.

The Lakehouse Hotel,Cameron Highlands

Lavendar Garden, Cameron Highlands

Lavendar Garden,Cameron Highlands

2) Fraser's Hill,Pahang

Fraser's Hill is perhaps the prettiest of all hill resorts in Malaysia. Nestling at 1,524 meters above sea level on the majestic Titiwangsa Range, it is about one and a half hours drive from Kuala Lumpur.

This charming little hideaway with a population of about 1,000 is not unlike a quiet Scottish village. Granite mock-Tudor cottages sit amidst the brilliantly-colored blooms of an English-style garden. Most of these bungalows are private residences but some have been converted into holiday bungalows for visitors. They enable visitors to enjoy a country-style holiday in a cool, refreshing ambience, where avenings bring along swirling mists to descend upon the little hamlet while cold winds breeze though the lofty pine trees.
Fraser's Hill takes its name after a Scottish adventurer, Louis James Fraser who set up a tin ore trading station in the forested mountains on the Pahang - Selangor border. In later years, Bishop Ferguson-Davie mounted a search for Fraser but could not find him. Instead, the potential of hills as a cool getaway was discovered.
Little Hamlet
Life in the little hamlet of Fraser's Hill revolve around the market square dominated by a small clock tower, the most photographed object in this highland retreat. Picturesque colonial-style buildings have found new uses as the post office, police station, a clinic, a tourist information centre, cafes and restaurants. For the bird lovers, there is also a Bird Interpretive Centre at the sport complex. Though equipped with adequate visitor amenities, development at this resort hideaway has been careful to preserve the environment. Thus, visitors are assured of Fraser's Hills' original charms.

The Little England of Malaysia,Fraser's Hill
Fraser's Hill Flower & Plants Experience
Birdwatching at Fraser's Hill

3) Taman Negara,Pahang

Taman Negara or the National Park in Pahang, Malaysia has a lot of attraction as the park is a getaway to the exiting holiday you seek. Staying at the Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang is a perfect getaway from the city where nature and tranquility awaits you in the most unique setting. The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang is surrounded by lush tropical greenery with a rumbling sound of the river nearby providing natural background music.

The Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang Malaysia also arranges excursions and adventure tours to the various places of interest. One of the highlights of the stay in Rainforest Resort is jungle trekking at Bukit Terasek and the popular canopy walk that is suspended 40 meters above ground. The national Park is also a favored spots of anglers. Fresh water fishing is best done in the drier months of February to April and June to August. Taman Negara also attracts bird watchers. More than 300 species of birds has been reported in Taman Negara, among them, fishing eagle, kingfishers, hornbills, and fireback pheasants. For those who are more geared to the adventure, there are so many things you can do in Taman Negara while staying at the Rainforest Resort Taman Negara in Pahang. Chances are you will find yourself opting for more than one activity which is also depending on the days you will be spending at the resort. Other activities that is offered by the Rainforest Resort Taman Negara are cave exploring, swim in pools or river, rapid shooting or investigate the vast species of flora and fauna. All this activities requires bookings so check with the park headquarters or with the resort for details so that you won’t miss out on any activities.

4) Genting Highlands,Pahang

Genting Highlands, just 54 kilometers north of Kuala Lumpur is a fairly recent hill development. Its concept is very different from the other hill resorts. Perched on 2,000 meters above sea level along the Pahang - Selangor border, Genting Highlands offers an exciting range of activities that are fun, fast - paced and entertaining. Themed as a City of Entertainment, the resort is popular with day trippers and visitors seeking to indulge in a realm of fantasy around the clock.
Genting Highlands was founded in 1965. Over the years, a wide range of entertainment,leisure recreational and sporting facilities as well as hotels, condominiums, apartments and camping facilities, were added. The resort comprises attractions at different elevations. At the peak lies the Genting Theme Park and Casino de Genting, while lower down at around 1,000 meters above sea level is the Awana Golf Course, a cable car terminal, a horse ranch and an eco-park.

Genting Strawberry Farm House

Genting Happy Bee Farm & Insect World

5) Tioman Island,Pahang

About 58 kilometres off Peninsular Malaysia's east coast, in the South China Sea, lies Tioman Island, a tear-shaped island paradise. Tioman Island, measuring 38 kilometres long and 19 kilometres at its widest, is the largest in a group of the 64 volcanic islands. The striking profile of the twin peaks of Simukut Mountain provides a remarkable landmark to this beautiful island, reputed to be one of the ten most beautiful and idyllic island in the world.
 Tioman Island is said to be the final resting place of a fabled dragon princess from China. Legend has it that on her way to visit a prince in Temasek (Singapore), she made a stop at Tioman where she immediately fell in love with the charms and beauty of the island. She decided to dedicated her life to weary travelers by giving them shelter and comfort while resting on the island.
 There are several villages in Tioman Island : Tekek, Genting, Paya, Nipah, Mukut, Juara, Salang and Air Batang Village.

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