Monday, 6 January 2014

Cara Kumpul Points Percuma dan Tebus Hadiah / Way to Earn Free Points and Redeem Items

*This entry is open to everyone not just blogger,it is also for housewifes,students and etc.*

Evening guys!I would like to share an awesome offer that I signed up this morning.We just have to sign up and collect points.When you already sign up,click the EARN POINTS so that you can earn some points from the advertisements.They will ask you one question about it and that question is your points.They always give 30 points free for every advertisement.You just have to answer it correctly.

Don't worry.If you scroll down on that page,you will see everyone giving you free answer.Hehe,so that's it!As easy as ABC!I will show you guys some prizes that you can redeem when earning lots of points.Everything is free of charge,by the way.But you must log in everyday to click on every advertisement to gain points.Don't worry.It just take your 5 minutes or less to complete it.Scroll down to see what it is!

Kawan-kawan,pagi tadi saya baru sahaja daftar kat satu web ni.Kerja dia senang je,terutamanya untuk pelajar SPM mengganggur macam saya ni.Hehe.Kita perlu sign up pastu click click je iklan kat EARN POINTS,kumpul banyak-banyak dulu baru kita boleh tukar dengan barang-barang yang diberi.Percuma tau!Cepatlah mendaftar!Free je semua ni.Kumpul points then tukar.Hahaha.Senang kan?Scroll ke bawah kalau nak tengok apa tu.

p/s: They will ask for your phone number.Don't worry just write it and they will give you code for you to complete your sign up.Write everything honestly okey?Cause if you really won the prizes,they will send it to your home.

Click the banner to join

Some awesome prizes to be win:

Samsung Galaxy Camera

Kenwood Blender 

Krups Coffee Machine

Those are just the few items.Voucher is also free to be redeem but I didn't list it here.If you want to see more,hurry sign up now!New items will be update and so do the points that you must gain.The bigger the items is,the bigger the points you must have.Don't worry be happy,just collect the points patiently.

p/s : If you really a sweet person,please help me click any of Nuffnang advertisement in my blog.Thank you so much sir/miss/madam/brother/sister. :)

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