Thursday, 2 January 2014

Way To Earn Money When Blogging / Cara Nak Cari Duit Dengan Blog

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Hello guys!I just started sign up for churp churp and nuffnang.Well I guess some of you knew about it.Or maybe not.haha..ok I will explain a little bit.Churp churp and Nuffnang is the 'place' you can earn money while blogging.Haha!Awesome right?Yeah I'm attracted too to this advertisement and so I just join it and see how many income I can get for a month.So why not you try it?But to be honest I don't even get a RM0.20 from Nuffnang and Churp Churp.It is sad actually but it's ok for you to try.We don't even know our own luck right?

Weeks after I join Nuffnang,I have joined 8share.What is that?For new bloggers they might not hear about it.Me too just knew about 8share weeks ago.8share have the same function as nuffnang too.You just have to share it to Facebook,Twitter or Gmail.Even for those who doesn't have any blog can also join it.So for those who doesn't have their own blog,you can share it on other media social.Easy right?8share will give you free RM1 when you sign up.Now I just collected RM2.00 from 8share.Alhamdulillah rather than I get nothing right?
Click the banner to sign up.

Everything is free.Oh ya,just remember one thing.The more you update your blog,the more people come to your blog,the more your money is!It's a true story!So don't wait any longer and now start to sign up!!Every blogger already did that,why didn't you?Click the link below to sign up.

Nuffnang :

Churp Churp :

8share :

Want to see some example?That is 3 example for you to see.
Click here
Click here
Click here

Follow the instructions and you will be alright.By the way,please fill your name and house address correctly so that your payment will arrive safely.Happy trying!

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